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Drug test kits


Companies that would like to ensure that both current and prospective employees are not regular users of harmful substances can avoid expensive medical bills by using our comprehensive range of high quality kits. Designed to provide accurate results with the minimum of hassle, each one has been rigorously tested and comes with full instructions to ensure that they are easy to use. Whether you want to make sure your workers are not turning up for work under the influence of alcohol or are keen to ensure that none of them abuses barbiturates, we have the drug test equipment you need.


Concerned parents


Mothers and fathers who want to help their children avoid the perils of taking illicit substances will find our products very useful. It is possible to establish whether your child has been using amphetamines, cocaine, opiates or cannabis with a simple saliva test, so even if you have no medical knowledge whatsoever, you can set your mind at rest in under ten minutes.

Personal use


Recovering addicts and those who are concerned about their substance use or abuse can keep an eye on their progress with breathalysers, urine and saliva tests. If you believe that your alcohol consumption is not a problem but would like to make sure that you pass a medical exam required by a prospective employer our products could come in very handy and ladies that are going on a first date can use our simple kits to ensure that their drinks are not tampered with. GHB, Ketamine and Rohypnol can all be detected by using our drug test card and droppers.


Playing it safe


Whilst some employers may be of the opinion that what their workers get up to in their spare time is no concern of theirs, if the people in question hold responsible positions in your company or operate potentially dangerous machinery then random tests could be worth considering. Because all our products are easy to use and produce results in a matter of minutes, they are ideal for this purpose and our competitive pricing structure will ensure that your company does not have to spend a fortune if it is decided that regular drug testing should be implemented in the future.